Since he was a young child, Cody has had a love for music. As he was growing up his father Doug had a black Fender Tele and practice amp around the house. Not knowing how to play, Cody would often pick around on his dad’s guitar. At age ten after playing his neighbor Rob’s drum set, Cody told his parents he wanted to play the drums. Shortly after they bought him a drum kit from local jazz drummer, Hines Williams, Cody began taking lessons from Hines. Learning to read charts, use proper technique,  and play tastefully, this continued over the next 4 years.

During his middle school years Cody began jamming on and off with a few of his classmates. These early jam sessions were the foundation to Cody’s first serious band, “Mind’s Eye”. During this time, Cody bought a Pro Tools Digi 001 and began teaching himself to record. He recorded demos for “Mind’s Eye” as well as recordings of himself playing drums. During his sophomore year, “Mind’s Eye” won the Haughton High School talent show. Playing in front of hundreds of screaming fans at the talent show was a major turning point in Cody’s life.

In mid 2002 Cody received a call to audition for the rock group, “Dream Slight”. He learned of the audition from a friend who shared a drum kit recording he made with his Pro Tools rig. “ When I heard the recording of Cody I knew right then that he was the drummer I was meant to work with,” – Jimmy Wooten. Cody joined the band with “Dream Slight”, but shortly after the group disbanded. Jimmy and Cody knew that this was not the end but merely the beginning of something that was destined for greatness. In 2003 they soon teamed up with bassist, Ryan Dougherty to form the band, Systolic.

Systolic began touring all around the Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas area. Systolic quickly formed a reputation for high-energy live shows and unparalleled musicianship. In May of 2005, “Systolic” released their self-titled debut album. The album had great reviews and sold well in their area. “Systolic” continued to tour after releasing the record. Over time the guys seemed to grow apart and made way for the end of Systolic.

In mid 2004 Cody auditioned for “Dan Sanchez and The Kings of Pleasure” (a West Coast Swing/Blues band). Cody toured with Dan Sanchez all over the continental US playing prestigious blues festivals such as the “King Biscuit” blues festival in Helena, Arkansas wining 2005 Emerging Artist of the year. Tours included club dates from California to New York and everywhere in between. At the young age of 17, Cody knew that the road is where he belonged.

In 2007 Cody joined “The Bluebirds“, replacing drummer Kevin Smith (Kenny Wayne Shepherd/Joe Nadeau). While drumming for The Bluebirds Cody played at the Portland, Oregon Water Front Blues Festival on the big outdoor stage, and opened for national touring act, Marcia Ball on a cruise ship while they were in town. Cody also played the “Memphis in May” celebration in Memphis, TN as well as the 2007 New Orleans Jazz Festival. The Bluebirds proved to be a greater opportunity than he ever imagined. The highlight of his career so far was a two week tour in Europe. Cody had the great privilege to play the famous Half Note Jazz Club in  Athens, Greece as well as Istanbul, Turkey drumming for blues legend, Hubert Sumlin ( Howlin’ Wolf/Muddy Waters), Jay Davis (Foreigner/Axis/Rod Stewart) on bass, and Shreveport legend, Buddy Flett (A-Train/The Bluebirds).

In early 2008 The Bluebirds guitarist and front man, Buddy Flett became very ill and Jimmy Wooten was hired to fill in during Buddy’s absence. During this time Cody and Jimmy were reunited after Systolic had parted ways a few years earlier. While playing a benefit in April for Buddy Flett at the historic Strand Theater in downtown Shreveport, La, Cody and Jimmy along with Bluebirds bassist/singer Bruce Flett received at standing ovation from a crowd of 1300 people. It was at that moment that Cody and Jimmy realized with a deeper understanding than ever before that they were meant to spread their music to the masses. Shortly afterward Cody and Jimmy left The Bluebirds to gig 3 to 4 nights a week as the Jimmy Wooten Trio.

Cody and Jimmy had been writing material off and on since 2005. In the spring of 2008, while playing around the Shreveport area with the trio, Cody and Jimmy teamed up with Jimmy’s sister Laura Wooten on bass. The trio began writing and recording demos when they weren’t gigging and soon had tons of material. In the summer of 2009 Lions May Cry was formed. In early 2011 Lions May Cry began recording their debut album. Cody was the head engineer as well as co-producer for the record. He was also the Pro Tools operator and editor for the project. The Lions May Cry debut album was released on December 2nd, 2011.

Cody owns and operates The Pond Studios , Recording, Mixing, and Mastering are a only few of the services he provides for musicians and bands.  He loves to help people create music, "There's nothing better than to record a song, mix it, and then see the clients reaction, it makes me happy that with my knowledge and skill-set I can take their passion and help them create a product that they are truly proud of."

Cody Lowery is a true professional in all sense of the word. Music is his passion and he plays from his soul.  It is a pleasure to see him perform. He not only commands the drum set, he uses his creativity writing songs, and his experience recording, mixing, and engineering to make Cody a rare find. Keep an eye on Cody; great things are on the horizon.

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